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Cannibus Root Lemonade
Cannibus Root Lemonade

Lime Jubilee

About TMSH


TMSH is a publicly traded Hemp/ CBD holdings company. Our business model is a self sustaining Hemp Ranch. Each hemp ranch will be vertically integrated from acres allocated, to outdoor cultivation and indoor greenhouses, to warehouses for processing farm grown hemp into textiles, hemp crete & plastics. And processing all-natural products for Monster Elixir, a wholly owned retail company of TMSH. 

Business Process



Home on the Hemp Ranch will be a very productive experience. We're working with hemp farmers nationwide, to ship hemp to the Hemp Ranch where it will be processed into a number of goods and sold at Monster Elixir retail stores, opening up nationwide very soon. Our all-natural goods will be sold on the open market in bulk, and sold through distribution networks to reach the public at your favorite local convenient stores. 

Press Releases


As TMSH grows we will inform our shareholders of our progress each step of the way. Please take a moment to read through our lates progress reports and stay up-to-date on exactly what TMSH has in store for 2020. Together we can build, educate, manage and grow into the leader in the hemp industry.