Press Releases

Formation of Monster Elixir

Ann Arbor, MI. January 22, 2020

Communications Consultant

Chicago, IL. March 12, 2020.

Two New Cannabis 

Strains Announced


Ann Arbor, MI. March 16, 2020

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Dear TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC:TMSH) Shareholders, pursuant to the change of control of TMSH, it acquired land in South Haven, Michigan for the purpose of building a Hemp Ranch. 1/3

Land location.jpg

Dear TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC:TMSH) Shareholders, we will build state of the art greenhouses, allocate land for outdoor cultivation as well as build commercial warehouses for Processing Center. 2/3


Dear TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC:TMSH) Shareholders, With respect to our land in South Haven, Michigan, we are looking to build a HEMP RANCH PROCESSING CENTER. Acres will be allocated to begin construction of our Processing Center. 3/3


Dear TransGlobal Assets Inc. (OTC:TMSH) Shareholders, We are proud to announce that Monster Elixir, a wholly owned subsidiary of TMSH, has developed two new MEDICAL grade marijuana strains. Both strains are sativa dominant hybrids, but bring unique attributes to patients. 1/2


Both strains are 100% organically grown with no chemicals. We cross genetics with the best marijuana strains. Our 1st strain has attributes that deals with depression, stress & muscle spasms. The 2nd strain helps deal with insomnia, anxiety & pain. More details to follow. 2/2


Dear TransGlobal Assets (TMSH:OTC) Shareholders, Monster Elixir, a wholly owned subsidiary of TMSH, is pleased to announce that we acquired a large commercial warehouse in Pittsburgh, PA. More details to follow.